New Feature: The Daily Edit

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I’m debuting a new column on APE called “The Daily Edit.” Heidi Volpe will be featuring a daily look at great editorial content: illustrations, layouts and of course photography. I will be taking a break from posting this week and next while we get this great new column off the ground.

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  1. I’m confused – how is this an edit? Aren’t these just tearsheets? It would be better if she explained what made them great – perhaps a paragraph?

  2. Brandon Cook

    Thats a great idea! I can’t wait to see how it turns out and what kinds of goodness will be on there!

  3. i like the mix of the edits, but i think the layout needs some work.. the comment (if present) by heidi is almost invisible against the massive lines of the producing team. if a paragraph is added, or a question with answer, then it works.

    and yes, i think i little “why this was chosen today” wouldnt hurt, either. good stuff aint that hard to find, but presenting it and putting a reason to it is what makes it an edit. this also sums up my opinion about much of the media.. the information is all there, but the editorial team is choosing what reaches the average joe.