TBW Books

That book is no longer available but these guys look like they work very hard to make interesting books: TBW Books.

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  1. Where’s the book?
    Sort of like the design, but can’t tell without seeing more of the content/design.
    (Yuck, on the Krylon).

  2. A lot of nice packaging surrounding the guts. I like plastic in multiple layers to impede my access to the heart of the matter. I have to say I like the color, since I am a black and white guy. Interesting and would like to see a copy for the fun of it.

  3. i to am not impressed at all. look at the guy’s face and how he is fumbling the pages once he opens it at around 2:50. he opens it, but does not go inside and look what is inside. to me this is complete overkill on the effort that was put in to making this.

  4. I own the original, I don’t believe that is the book, I think it is an invite to buy the anniversary book.

    I applaud anyone publishing hard copies these days!