PDN Photo Annual 2011

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pdn2011-1The 2011 PDN Photo Annual went live on their website this week (here). Tons of fantastic photography. Congratulations to all the winners.

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  1. This new PDN winner’s gallery is easily the most frustrating site I’ve had to navigate in the past decade* It’s extremely slow and unresponsive. Is it just me?

    *This is based on the ratio of how badly I want to see the contents of a page vs how badly the site doesn’t work.

  2. I just wrote a whole blog post on that Wesley. Seriously with today’s technology they could have used any number of services to deliver an amazing experience.

  3. some great work but it’s torture getting to it. why are so many of these photo websites so terrible?

  4. Ditto on the site… very poor experience. I couldn’t be bothered going through the rest, as much as I wanted.

    Also is it me or is nadav kander’s St.John ad getting unneeded recognition? The pics are really not that special, esp. considering his caliber of work. Me thinks if it was someone else, they might not get this much attention.

  5. Wata Shame

    Why does PDN even bother publishing stuff to an unusable Web site? Is this just a scam to encourage people to subscribe to the paper publication? That strategy seems a little last century.

  6. David Zaitz

    As always, an impressive showing of great images. I’m glad I’m still getting the print version so I can actually browse the photographs.

    Regarding the web version: PDN is a pain to use in any capacity on the web. PDNonline, PhotoServe, etc. have busy designs and are ugly, unintuitive and slow. PLEASE step up to the 21st century, Nielsen Business Media!

  7. I particularly liked the “Enter Here” hidden among all the corp. logos. That little word search game took me a couple tries. Pretty pathetic. I liked seeing all the B&W photos, though.

  8. Raddddd! I’m really liking the images I’m seeing thus far.

    The site is unresponsive, but that doesn’t matter. The work more than makes up for it.

    Have y’all see the photojournalism imagery? It’s super!

  9. The photojournalism/documentary images are too heart wrenching. I literally feel sick to my stomach living on such a planet where these kinds of acts take place.