Condé Moving From Midtown

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Condé Nast Publications, whose stable of magazines chronicles the American zeitgeist as meticulously as any anthropologist, has reached an agreement to lease one million square feet at 1 World Trade Center, giving ground zero a much-needed corporate anchor with a proven ability to attract other businesses.

…the negotiations involved reams of traffic studies and security discussions, to ensure that its black cars (more than 100), its racks of designer dresses and its well-shod executives would be able to pass swiftly each day through the police-imposed security zone that is to surround the complex.

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  1. This will prove to be a very foolish move, IF they even follow through with it. We’ve all seen first hand how ‘Conde’ Nasty’ changes their collective minds minute to minute.
    A move like this will cost them huge money long term and will trickle down into venders rates.

  2. I understand how Condé Nast has the money to move to expensive location:

    ASMP has received a copy of what we have been told is a new freelancer contract from Condé Nast. In ASMP’s opinion, it is one of the worst that we have ever reviewed. Although it appears to leave the photographer with marketable rights, the reality is that it comes very close to assigning all rights to Condé Nast.

    • @Chester Simpson,

      That was written in 2004. So it’s not exactly ‘new’. Also, I have a contract and it does not come close to assigning all rights to Conde Nast.

      I’ve turned down far worse contracts for far worse pay. Just a couple weeks ago some europublisher did literally want all rights for a pittance and would not budget on it.