Tips for Young Creatives – Part 6

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5. Don’t give up.

Persistence will eventually pay off.

via Greg Benson Blog.

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  1. Tip #6 – Have talent.

    I find the most under-rated comment that should be said face to face to every person who wants to be a photographer or any “creative” is that you must have talent, you must have something to offer. Wanting to do photography or whatever commercial art/craft isn’t enough, you need to be good at it. You really need to be great at it.

    Tip #7 – It’s all about business.

    Going to art schools won’t make talent, it just hones existing talent. Any creative is better off going to business school than going to any art school.

    After 12 years as a photographer I’ve learned that if someone doesn’t want to push the boulder up the mountain day in and day out, then find something else and just do the art/craft as a hobby. There is no coasting downhill ever. There are 1000’s or millions of talented Sisyphus’ (mythology at work every day).

    • @JS, I disagree with your tip about talent. There are plenty of un-talented hacks making a living taking photos. Talent helps, but you have to have a lot more than just talent to get ahead, no matter what field you’re in.

  2. Well that’s a cozy notion, but why is this true?


    Persistence MAY work for some, those that do not achieve their goals will usually not be considered statistically. They will fade away.

    What is the price of persistence in a market economy?
    Does persistence always provide a return on investment?

    Of course “persistence” is also a great way to mythologize the obsessive compulsiveness of some photographers/artists. Persistence also works well with the protestant work ethic (beating the head against the wall).

    “How about a nice game of chess? “

  3. You bunch of over analytical thinkers. Working at any job is always an uphill trek. You constantly have to improve your value to the organization/public/client. If you don’t you will be destined to join the statistical numbers discussed on a weekly basis by political pundits.

    If you are being persistent at pursuing the passion of you life, the effort in doing so is not one of exhausting labor, but a love that brings overwhelming joy with even the smallest success.

    I think the most difficult part in the step of being persistent is keeping a focus on the plan and not being distracted by seemingly easier paths to success.

  4. Let me add to it “Persistency and Consistency” will eventually pay off. I’ve seen this happen everywhere and not just in this industry.