Martin Schoeller Shoots The Time 100 (video)

Excellent video of Martin Schoeller shooting a handful of the Time 100 honorees.

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      • scott Rex Ely

        @scott Rex Ely, Sorry for the short reply. It really was fleeting. Anyway, I think film is the ultimate lesson. It tells YOU how it needs love.

  1. Love behind the scenes type videos like this, thanks for posting it. Excited to hear you talk in Denver at the end of this month too!

  2. Loved when he said “There was alot of scheduling back and forth” … yes, it happens to everyone!

  3. Behind the scenes videos are of course fascinating to me as a photographer, but I wonder how much the general audience likes viewing these videos. Anyways I hope TIME makes some more …

  4. deardorf

    its great that TIME will pay for his film, but thats only because he neogotiated that with Time , but most clients will ” not ” pay for ” your ” film all depending on who you are and what the Editor wants..and the deadlines needed.
    glad i didn’t sell any of my “gear”….and its all classic stuff…. but just added digital to the arsenal.

  5. DC-Photographer

    Is that a Fuji medium format rangefinder he’s shooting with the first model at about 0:57?

  6. Film :) And there’s a reason we shoot film. I still use my blad when doing portrait work and people always ask…” Is that film? “. They usually follow that up with how they miss the look of film. Thanks for sharing the video.