Ratio of people talking about work to people doing work

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  1. How true. I’m 8th row down, 5th ‘talk’ in…I guess I need to do something about that!

  2. That collective “ouch” you just heard was social media’s ego being jabbed with a stick. :) Always good to have a wake up call / moment where you can step back and refocus, though. Seems like more than half of photography or creative arts these days, is doing all the other stuff, which is necessary to a degree. But also unfortunate.

  3. and the guy that does the work – actually he is a pro and he gets paid to talk about work.

  4. I often find myself talking with other photographer friends about what they need to do to get their work out there, only to realize that I’m mainly telling them what I know I should be doing more often and am not. This is a nice little slap in the face from a mirror. Thanks.