You Can Go From Third Place To First

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Our policy is that, no matter what, our photographer must have a call with the creative. Very often, if you are on the ball…you can go from third place to first. That’s happened to us quite a few times. We never do estimates without a creative call – how can you? We have no idea what the expectations are without talking to the creatives. This phone call is where all the stops are pulled out, and what happens before the photographer picks up the phone is critical. Do your homework before you get on the phone.

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  1. Every time I felt some resistance from the agency when I asked to talk to the art director(s), I got the impression that I was just there to “provide annother estimate” that they’d probably use to negotiate with some other photographer, so I just decided to not take it seriously until agency lets me talk to creatives…

    my best jobs have definately come from AD’s I’ve known for a long time..