Bill Cunningham’s New York

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I’ve been told by several photographers that this Bill Cunningham movie is fantastic:

Go (here) to see where it’s playing.

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  1. Great film – Cunningham an interesting figure – partly insider partly – well, mostly really, if you look at the big picture – an outsider.

  2. Donnor Party

    He is a fine human being as well. I used to run into him in New York all the time and several times in Boston down by the T on the Common.

  3. Great! Its playing by me here in Saratoga Springs this Thurs, Fri, and Sunday.

  4. “If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do. That’s the key to the whole thing.”
    Possibly the most intelligent piece of advice I’ve heard in years.

  5. What a great film about such an interesting person. He lives his art. Love that he still shoots film, too. His archive will be go on as a great part of history long after we’re all gone. Bravo!

  6. A big high 5 for his art…but that art at the expense of what I can see of his personal life …
    Sleeping between files and having no kitchen… really?
    I love photography.. but that seems to me to be a life of I do not admire.
    I look to his art with the reminder that he has paid a heavy price ( from my point of view) for that.
    I i lived that life.. I think that we as photographer/artists deserve way more.I just want the popular notion of a artist as “unbalanced life”
    to be opened up a bit
    I would give up my art and to have for my family , kids etc…
    One man’s take…whom loves his kids..(same days more than other’s ..I have a 17 year old boy at home!)Loves his photography

    Mark Richards

  7. Hey, I’m off to see this movie at the 35th Cleveland International Film Festival on Saturday or Sunday! It’s already on standby for one of the showings and is opposite the closing movie of the festival, so it’s very popular! Can’t wait!!

  8. The Bill Cunningham movie is amazing. Regardless if you are a photographer or not. It is touching on a human note, but as a photographer, it makes one realize that 24/7 is truly what it takes to have a voice that will resonate in our culture.
    It is a must see—he is such a happy man- Awesome.