How do you avoid making a cliché?

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Avoiding clichés requires one of two things: An original approach or an unexplored subject matter and ideally, both. In other words, figuring out a new way to make pictures of a tried and true subject is one way. This usually means telling a specific, dynamic story. The other is to discover or conceive of a subject that hasn’t been trampled to stereotype. Do both and you’re a genius.

via  Mike Davis.

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  1. Yes I agree. Even if you can do one of these you are doing better than most. A fresh view of something that has been photographed endlessly is the key. Often practitioners new to the medium who have experience in other disciplines offer a new insight. It is not about the thing being photographed but it is about what you have to say about it.

  2. @Nick Brewer, Very sincinct, wel put and I echo the thoughts.

    I have always thought a photographer needs to be a really good story teller. I think that it takes the most time develop out of all the skills needed to create images. I think some of the best photographers I have met in my lifetime could speak well and also tell the very interactive stories behind their images in social settings. Don’t kill me on this because there are exceptions.