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A lot of photographers are eager to share what they already know about a place — pints of Guinness in a pub! an antique bookstore! — but fewer photographers ask questions with the visual material that they’re given. It can be a subtle difference, but it’s what keeps us coming back to a certain photographer over time.

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  1. That’s an interesting topic. Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by “asking questions with the material given”? Do you mean when they’re given an assignment, or something different?

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  3. Definitely!
    Being able to create images that beg the viewer to ask “Who, Where, What, Why, When, How…or even just Wow”…that is an art in itself.
    Engaging the viewer IN the story of the photo, rather than just PRESENTING the image…that is where the magic lies. It would seem to be true with all art really. Wether it be Music, Sculpture, Literature, Painting, the Performing Arts…etc, the most memorable art always begs at least one question, if not many.
    Photographic images (in this age of point & click instant gratification) can be taken without much thought or process behind them, and the end result often asks the same question…
    “Who Cares?”
    So, Kudos to those who’s images not only tell a great story, but leave room for a Q&A at the end.