Single-copy sales at Wired grew 28.2%

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Wired presented not just one of the biggest newsstand gains but one of the most interesting because it benefited heavily from the virtual newsstand of the iPad App Store. Its average single-copy sales of 105,614 in the second half included about 27,000 iPad editions.

via Crain’s New York Business.

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  1. The magazines that are still declining need to look at the modus of those who are faring well to see how they are doing it. It is quite apparent with the day and age that how information is present is changing, thus when People and US have declines in sales that’s because consumers are getting what they want via TMZ or other similar media outlets.

    What this really says is that there are those who are not keeping up with change as it is needed to survive in the lean economic times because their product doesn’t serve the consumer. I would have to say with the launch of numerous tablets that if some magazines can’t survive digitally they would have never lasted in the long run anyway.

    Thnks Rob.