The Daily’s iPad debut

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News Corp.’s much-anticipated, save-the-newspaper app debuted after several delays. You’ve got to love the serendipity of the February 2 been-here-before release: the newspaper for TV, the newspaper for computers, the newspaper for the web, the newspaper for the mobile phone, now the newspaper for the iPad. Each time we get the old newspaper metaphor on a new device.


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  1. well, since it’s coming from the home of FauxNews I’ll pass on this radical right wing propaganda “news”paper

  2. Whether it’s FauxNews or not it is an undeniable fact that if ‘paid content’ fails eventually many of the important newspapers will fail too. Then there will be no in depth news behind the news because unlike a part time blog no one will be able to dedicate days of their time to research and write an article for free. The world will be left to the editorial whim of 30 second soundbites courtesy of some sponsored TV channel. Then and only then will the public recount the days of the wonderful printed newspaper that didn’t need a battery or WiFi.
    So I for one wish Murdoch every success. Maybe if it takes off the man who saved the Sunday Times from bankruptcy may launch a proper digital version for that title which may help the printed one to survive long enough to make people realise exactly what they are in the process of losing.
    Ps. No I’m not a journalist nor do I work for Murdoch.