Pale Blue Dot

- - The Future

we all need a little Carl Sagan this week:

A film by Michael Marantz, via Daring Fireball.

Edit: Readers like this version:

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  1. I had to watch it twice, Micheal did such a good job with the time lapse scenes that I didn’t listen to what Sagan was saying. Interesting perspective on both parts.

  2. *sigh*

    (Michael Marantz’s version is nice, but I think I prefer the imagery used in the YouTube link provided by Jonathan Waiter above: more varied, more topical.)

    • @dave einsel,

      That explains why this version is not even that good. But at least this version makes sense. And to the original creator, I love the music and message.

  3. sorry to say so.. but we all need a sensor cleaning toolkit because otherwise our beautiful images, wether moving or not, will have dirty spots all over the place ..

    • @grubernd, I noticed that, too. And was kind of aghast… I actually see visible sensor spots on other photographers’ websites fairly often (surprisingly often), and I’m always kind of amazed — or appalled. Even if you don’t do much, if any, post-production or retouching of your work –maybe you even pride yourself on that fact– I think you at least need to do that much (i.e., as much as is required to remove visible sensor spots!).