Tablets Everywhere – CES 2011

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If you followed the news coming out of CES this year it seemed like every third post on Engaget was the unveiling of a a new tablet. That along with all the high powered smart phones makes 2011 an exciting year for people who produce content for these types of devices. Photography and video are a natural fit, because of how well they scale, so it’s really about publishers getting on board and producing lots of content to consume.

Voted best of CES was the Motorola Xoom:

Motorola Xoom

You can find a good tablet wrap up (here).

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  1. though i’m a fan of what apple puts out over other companies, i think it’s encouraging to see this tablet/slate form-factor really being embraced by manufactures.

    i feel it’s an easier device to look at images & video on than a laptop for the casual consumers, which means higher readership and engagement.

    holy shit i said a bunch of buzz words in this comment. please don’t hold that against me.


  2. I love it, you know when Verizon starts selling Ipads and Iphones that the competition is going to be tough. Verizon has always been very calulated and they are only willing to step out on a limb with who they think will be the winner in the long run. Apples has the better advertsing machine over all.

  3. Apple did us a huge favor when they established a system where people will pay for digital content. Now the next part of the puzzle is getting the technology in lots of peoples hands. All these different devices being pumped out is very good in that sense.

    However, as the playing field broadens I think we might be at the risk to going back to an digital-should-always-be-free mentality…. depending upon how the new players structure their software and devices.

    It’s going to be a super interesting year in media. That’s for sure.

  4. I think until Time magazine, or some other giant, starts giving away a tablet with a multi-year subscription, these will just be mobile internet devices.

    If the numbers are not there, then the advertisers will not go there, meaning that the revenues will be too low to put extra effort into them. While I think digital magazines will become more common, I don’t see them being better than web sites for advertisers.

    As content providers and producers, we should welcome any new technology that puts our work in front of more people. Adobe will probably provide better integrated tools to allow easier delivery to multiple platforms. I’ll be buying a tablet this year, but it will mostly be a way to avoid carrying my laptop, and I don’t expect to be paying for content.