Looking From The Inside Out

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Surf photographer Jeff Flindt shows us what its like to be in the thick of it. Just like Capa said “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” which has nothing to do with proximity and everything to do with connecting with your subject.

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  1. Great stuff! Scott Aichner is the true master of in-water surf photography though. I guess he’s “retired” now, but his innovative 270 degree project – twin fisheye cameras in water housings – produced some unique images. Well worth looking into if you’re into surfing or surf photography.

  2. a lot of props for Jeff s work. I admired shots from the water for a long time but since I got a glimpse of how it actually works just recently, I got a lot more respect.

  3. This was an amazing video…and only a tip of it…it’s always funny to me when people brag about how good our job is..he didn’t even get into the detail of the traveling etc.! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I recently surfed in Costa Rica for a week and attempted to photograph surfers from the beach as well. I have total respect for these images from a photography and a surfer standpoint. Capturing the images from the inside out definitely brings a different perspective than what you see from the beach.

    Thanks for sharing the video!

    Isaac Hinds