School of Visual Arts Announces MPS in Fashion Photography Degree

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“Fashion photography is too often thought of as superficial and unworthy of serious consideration, despite its imaginative uses of narrative, its cultural relevance and the profound influence it has had on ‘fine art’ photography for the past 30 years. Fashion photography is a burgeoning field internationally and we’re excited to take the lead in offering a graduate program specifically devoted to the medium.”

via School of Visual Arts.

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  1. I wonder how much they’ll charge for this program?

    I’m inclined to think that one get a lot of self-education by spending a similar amount of money and time on getting out there and do a lot of shootings and attending workshops or subscribing to tutorials.

    Anyone else thinking in a similar fashion?

  2. I disagree. If you look at the stunning faculty and visitors you could never have that kind of contact and insight. What an awesome opportunity!

  3. Hey, lets troll!

    fashion photography is a bullsh*t money farm and thousands of vapid youths are just waiting to spend millions of dollars to hold our useless degree.

  4. its 15k per semester. by the way most of the cooler fashion magazines don’t pay so thats a lot of debt…

    • @some dude, That is absolutely crazy! So much money.

      Just imagine the amount of self teaching one can get for that money, or indirectly, give up that amount of income and spend time as an assistant and learn more.

      Thanks for letting me know about the price.

  5. Donnar Party

    Or get a job assisting like we all did in the 90’s. Learn it all while getting paid and making contacts.

    • @Donnar Party,
      You summed it all up perfectly. It’s like getting a masters degree in baseball if your dream was to play in the major leagues. Better to get out on the field and play ball.

  6. scott Rex Ely

    People have to decide what level of credentials fit their needs best. I personally think that this degree combined with a BFA might be the advantage one might want to have if one was competing for a full time teaching job in an established BFA or MFA program. What I hear more than anything else from students in these programs is they want tangible technical guidance not just theory and history. The curriculum seems pretty balanced for exactly that.

  7. photo editor,

    i’d like to know what you think of this program. say you were still working as a photo editor, would it make a difference in hiring the photographer that went through this program?

  8. Ashley Minj'on

    I am an undergraduate looking into this program, I aspire to be a fashion photographer. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on getting a job as an assistant, like “Donnar Party” said briefly in the previous conversation. Any details and/or information would be beneficial.