Aaron Huey – Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

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I’ve always enjoyed Aaron Huey’s work, but his Pine Ridge project has always struck me as extraordinary. In this video from TED you can clearly see how his passion for this subject matter has taken the photography to the next level:


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  1. That’s why I cried when I watched Dances with Wolves. Not because they killed the buffalo, and the wolf and his horse – but they killed the spirit of an entire people.

  2. Extraordinary- absolutely! On all levels…

    If only it could draw the necessary attention, resources and justice it cries out for.

  3. Beautiful imagery but the saddest part of this story is that while 350 of my ancestors died at Wounded Knee, for the last 120 years our society has been killing itself over and over. There is no excuse that exists today that prevents anyone from bettering their lives. I am Sioux, myself and plenty of Native Americans are educated, successful and chose a life void of substance abuse. But some ALLOW their Spirit to remain dead, they don’t have to live in such squaller, filth or depression. I go back to the reservation and visit family and I always leave with a feeling of disappointment and shame for what some of my people have become. It’s been a 120 years since Wounded Knee, it’s time to stop the excuses, stop the blaming and start making a better life for our children and their children’s, children.

  4. Very powerful images. This is no easy accomplishment. Also the contrast of life of the people and the surrounding natural grandeur of landscape is very moving. I hope these images can make a difference.

  5. Aaron is a straight up thug .

    Saw his work a long time ago on Tiny Vices …. dude walked across America ….. shit !

    Remind me to be more like Aaron …..

  6. Awesome. I loved the Harpers issue also. Pine Ridge is a place that for years needed more coverage — more sensitive coverage.

    I think this kind of work is a place I’d like to go with my photography, but I have no idea how to get there from here and still pay the house payment. Anyway, I think Aaron Huey will continue to do well in a tough field.