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Every day is manic, as we are constantly juggling up to 30 shoots at a time, sourcing thousands of pictures, and there are just two of us on the picture desk. I find it satisfying when the issue comes in each month and we can marvel at how on earth we managed to pull it together. It’s a real balancing act trying to remember all the little details when you are handling that many shoots at once. Every studio has to be booked, every car ordered, every crew member there on time, every prop in place, and it’s all down to you. And when I get through the month without dropping a ball, I feel satisfied for a second or two. And then it all starts again…

via Wonderful Machine Photography Blog.

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  1. Thats a lot of stuff to do for each mag you put out.I did a shoot for you guys back in LA when I was a model.It was my 3rd shoot and I was wow it was ten guys all dressed like cowboys and I was right in the center of the page.I was a little sad when I was spilt in two but I get it now ,I have been shooting and asst.on some good shoots I like your side better!