Mashing Together Books And Technology

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Amazing what people will think of:

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  1. On a somewhat related theme there’s this HBS paper on the evolution of the digital camera market which concludes market competitors from similar industries tend to value, and emulate, the product features of their direct competition when introducing an initial product. Then, as the market matures, popular product features from multiple industries tend to be embraced into a more “standard” product.

    I think there are some strong parallels in the e-publishing space where you have technology companies, magazine publishers and book publishers introducing the first generation of products.

    A word of warning: this paper is written in mind-numbing business school speak. Strong creative types should probably have the number of the local suicide prevention hotline handy before delving into it.

    • @Anon e mouse,

      No question, that paper is deadly boring, poorly written and dismally presented. But it contains some interesting observations about the evolution of products and markets. Good information doesn’t always come gift wrapped. And I did warn you.

  2. What a waste of resources. This is clearly an example of over-thinking and putting yourself in a bigger box than you need because it looks cool. I understand that not everyone is technologically up to speed, but if I ever saw this one-time-use throw away “book” I would probably throw up in disgust at the mindless waste. That is, unless it came from recycled materials.