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Here’s a great resource many creatives will want to bookmark: http://www.500photographers.com

Most of the photographers will be familiar to everyone but it’s still a great place to go poke around and run into work you were only vaguely familiar with. Plus they’re only on #88 so there’s lots more to come.

500 photographers is a weblog that posts 5 active photographers a week for 100 weeks. The photographers can be from any discipline within the photographic range, but they have to be worth looking at and have a certain level of quality. When we get to number 500, we will have a deep database of great photographers.

500 photographers is done by Pieter Wisse, a photographer himself based in Rotterdam, NL and owner of Four Eyes Photography & Art


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  1. Cool. Can’t question his choices, but it would be nice to see lesser or unknown names featured. Then it might truly be a research rather than just a reminder.

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