No, You Just Own A Camera Now

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    • Istota Ludka

      @Photo-John, Buying a Nikon D3S doesn’t make you a photographer either. It makes you a Nikon owner.

      (I’m paraphrasing something someone else said earlier this summer in another place…)

      • @Istota Ludka, I had not considered that. I will have to sell that camera immediately. The last thing I want to be is a Nikon owner;p

        Sorry my humor didn’t make it through on my forst comment. That happens sometimes on the Internet :-)

        • Istota Ludka

          @Photo-John, Your humor made it, but apparently my reiteration didn’t. Sorry. It’s a funny point we need to remind ourselves AND laugh at the same time.

          I could have included a smiley face? As lame as that is, I guess it does make it clear that it’s a wisecrack and not a correction!


          p.s. do we know if the person with the tshirt is a man or a woman??

          • @Istota Ludka, Istota…Don’t worry about it…I know John, and he sucks as a Photographer! ;^p

            But he can kick your ass on a mountain bike!


            • @Brad Trent, but what if my butt wasn’t on a bike, could he still kick it?

          • Istota Ludka

            p.p.s. I use emoticons more frequently just for the clarity. And to make sure we’re on the “same page” or something. Please don’t sell your Nikon. Just change the strap to anonymous black. :-)

    • @chris, within the taxonomy of ponytails, does a poorly corralled posterior assemblage of keratinized strands still count as a mullet, or is it known by alternate terminology?

  1. Hah, it’s the world of hobby gone mad. As well food blogs are out of control. “Just because you can eat, doesn’t make you a foodie. Only a grouchy and irritating person.”

  2. That should actually read “no, you’re not a professional photographer, you just own a camera”. The facebook group was named wrongly when it was setup as current admins have conceded.

  3. Fine with me. I’ll just own my $15,000 worth of camera equipment and not have to call myself a photographer because photographers don’t get any respect anyway…!

  4. Laura Eaton

    If you aren’t a little bitter, you haven’t been a photographer long enough!

  5. Let’s not forget everyone, at one point in time, was:

    — an amateur

    — a wannabe professional

    — an aspiring professional

    — an emerging professional

    — an up-and-coming professional

    Professional photographer is not a birthright. People get there by working at their craft. Who appointed some clown with a pony-tail the judge of who qualifies as a professional?

  6. le cinémasagiste

    who the hell puts a design or text on the back of a polo shirt?

  7. ROFLOL, seems like there are more comedians than photographers in the world today. I use black tape on my camera so it can’t be identified and no neck strap so some one can choke me to death with it cuz I took their picture.

    Apparently the wearer of the polo shirt doesn’t have a clue since he must own a camera…

  8. scott Rex Ely

    You’re only a photographer if someone offers you work and you complain about it.

    • Donnar Party

      @scott Rex Ely, I think you unveiled the litmus test for “who is a photographer”.

  9. the caption should read: “my shirt doesn’t really say this, it’s photoshopped”

  10. No, you are not a photographer. You are a camera, press card and vat # owner.

  11. Excellent !! I need one of these shirts ;)
    We French are arrogant pricks, so it fits my personnality anyway :p