If “successful professional” means I can live a good, somewhat luxurious, life by the profession, then I am certainly not.

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My expenses are almost as high as my photography income and I have so little left at the end even when I am lucky. So, maybe I am not qualified to answer this question. Then why am I doing photography? I think it is a combination of passion and stupidity. For me, photography is intellectual, artistic, and curiosity fulfilling. I love making photographs.

–Hiroshi Watanabe

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  1. I think Hiroshi is underated as to his talent and approach to being a photographer. He takes an out of the box approch in a way, I think. Thanks for posting this Rob, I wouldn’t have seen the post on him over at TWL.

  2. Marvelous images, and great interview. He chose photography because that is his passion. That is a feeling in which I am in complete agreement with him.