American Photography 26

- - Awards

American Photography has released a slideshow of this year’s winners via their facebook page. Many photo editors will be browsing through the images and googling the names they don’t recognize (why no links AP?) to find someone new to add to their list. Also, for the names they recognize it serves as a subtle reminder to give them a job soon.

If you want to test your photo editor skills see how many photographers you can name based on looking at the thumbs only. The Schoeller’s and Greenberg’s are easy to spot and also anything memorable from last year’s editorial calendar like the Kander’s, Platon’s, Pellegrin’s, Rubin’s and Ommanney’s.

Congratulations to all the photographers selected for the book and the website.






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  1. Haven’t looked at the whole show yet, but the web presentation is a nice improvement over past presentations.

    Mark, if you are reading, image captions/info would be great too.

  2. some absolutely fantastic photos there
    but what a terrible piece of a browser they have used!
    it is tedious viewing them