UK Photographers Defeat Clause 43, US Photographers Sue Google

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Yeah, what up mutherf-ers. Don’t be messing with photographers.

Thanks to the work of thousands of photographers up and down the country, campaigning and writing letters to MP’s we have defeated the offending Clause that would have had a devastating effect on the livelihoods of freelance photographers.

via, London Photographers Branch.

On Wednesday, the American Society of Media Photographers and other groups representing visual artists plan to file a class-action lawsuit against Google, asserting that the company’s efforts to digitize millions of books from libraries amount to large-scale infringement of their copyrights.

via, NYTimes.

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  1. Two thoughts:

    1. Apocalyptic predictions that get widespread attention on the Internet don’t always come true (go figure).

    2. The copyright issue ain’t resolved by a long shot.

    • @michael edwards, I think I’m gonna go with the Fluff and fold business model.

  2. yes! we did it. this is nothing like what happened to the music business with all of those mp3’s, and file sharing, and stealing of music!! oh wait…it’s exactly like that. this is just a virtual library and if you’re lucky enough to have a book published than consider this another way to get exposure. the world is changing…time to adapt b/c the next generation will not care. “what’s a record dad?”

  3. 1. Great victory but it is only a 1st step

    2. I am glad someone is finally taking action against google. Their approach is too careless. As much as I value free access to information; I value even more the possibility to create new books, new works. If everything is available for free, resources for creation would dwindle…

  4. Google as well as others need to be accountble for large scale blatent in your face theft via copyright infringment.

    Google ahs been instrumental in the implementation of new technologies, but beyond that I think they are on the verge of monopoly status. Also it seems a bit socialist to offer everything for what might be seemingly free but there is going to be a cost on the back end.

  5. This is a huge victory for authors that would not have been possible without the efforts of so many. Photographers will need the same kind of effort to have our rights protected. Time to speak up!