The art world understands the ‘art’ half of photography but doesn’t understand the ‘science’ half

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A Mark Tansey painting of a Chinese man standing in the way of a tank would have had only a fraction of the impact that the photograph of that scene had.

via Conscientious.

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  1. Photography is not just “photography” in a singular sense. Photography is a plural activity. Many people doing it from many different origins and directions with the work being used and viewed by many different people coming from many different directions for many different purposes.
    I actually think this plurality of photography is what makes it interesting and, frankly, is what will save it from its current malaise.
    The narrow minded and shallow thinking photographers and comentators are the ones who will hold it back from becoming more than its varied but repetitive histories and never ending technological updates.

  2. Who cares about the science? Does the art world understand how you mix chemicals to create a paint hue or how you tie bristles together on a paintbrush?