How can you teach instinct? Or nerve?

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The whole arc of my collecting has to do with the development of my own sense of self esteem so your question is right on the money, and I think the answer is no, it cannot be taught. But you can aspire to it and find your own way.

— Bill Hunt

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  1. Ken Sexton/kgsphoto

    I don’t Think you can teach instinct because that is God given. Nerve can be taught by going to places where angels fear to tred and surviveing. It is an aquired skill every newsphotog learns the hard way. I thankfully worked the streets of Chicago for many years.

  2. Real instinct cannot be taught. When it comes to photography, we are talking about something different, which is not really primitive. We are talking about an ability that is so immediate that if _feels_ instinctive without _being_ instinctive.

    Because of the time I spent teaching, I often think it is *almost* impossible for someone to become an artist if their senses have not been awakened to art productions before the age of 14. I said *almost* impossible, not *downright* impossible.

  3. I think instinct is a gift. However as far as nerve goes it is an acquired skill. Treading where mere mortals will faint at the sign of trepidation.

    Seriously nerve comes from being comfortabel with who you are and what you do. It is easier if you are confident in what you do.