What matters to me is to find the quality in the subject that makes it extraordinary or unique

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You know, I will often say, “I like this image.” And Indrani will say, “Well, what is it that you like about it?” And my answer will be, “Well, I just like it.” That’s an egotistical perspective, and she points out that it really doesn’t matter what you yourself like. It’s important to analyze who you’re trying to reach with the image.

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  1. It’s a seriously good quote. Way too many professionals don’t have a vocabulary and/or a deep understand of what they’re photographing – they just like it.

    That simply isn’t good enough if you plan to stick around a while.

  2. Communication is important. But images are usually not analytical thesis . Images are subjective and often emotional. We can try to understand how others view and interpret the world/images, however we are all caught in our own frame of reference. Trying to create images that appeal to all may not produce the best *art*, or allow one to be true to their own creative sensibilities.

    Having said that, I feel too many photographers get caught up in the parts, without seeing what the total sum of parts communicates.

    • Gabriel Hristea


      I totally agree! There are so many things in this world we can not describe but we only know that we like them. That makes us stupid? I doubt it. When your child is born, when you’re in love, when you wake up in the morning and see the sunshine through the window there’s no need to know how to describe it.It’s enough that all these make you happy. They will make you happy even if you don’t know how to describe it.

      • @Gabriel Hristea,

        This statement is simply not adequate. In the hiërarchie of creation words take the Olympic seat. If you are not trained or gifted to express that properly and sensitively that does not mean that it cannot be done. Nor does my statement tell you that I master that art. But I know people and read articles and books that prove that certain minds intelligently master parts of everyting there is to know. And with words they can show you the way.
        Some people think that you kill feelings and emotions by explaining them. I think if you explin them whole and right this will deepen them and make even more rich.
        If you deeply understand the principles of how pictures infuence our feelings and how they satisfy our appreciation of beauty then this will sink into your intuision. And thus will it make you capable of producing that kind of art allmost instinctively.
        You can learn trics to make better work, but If you understand principels you own a toolbox with tools with infinite combinations.

        • Gabriel Hristea


          I totally agree with you as well. I don’t understand though why my statement is not adequate and yours is. :)

          • @Gabriel Hristea,
            Hi Gabriel I dit not mean to offend you. I reacted on: “There are so many things in this world we can not describe but we only know that we like them.” The word “we” should be the word “I”. Because amongst we there are people who can. Under the spritual hood of our emotional engines some wizards understand the mecanics. Many take the outcome for granted and apparently have decided that this complex of emotions, thought and feelings is a black box that cannot be fully understood and descibed in meaningful words.
            Have a good day and try to be the change that you want to see in the world.

  3. Here’s the part I found interesting:
    “the duo’s debt became a burden they could no longer manage. This summer, Klinko and Indrani filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from their creditor”

    WTF is with these HUGE photogs that rake in more money than 99% of photogs could hope for, and yet they have no money.

  4. It is not surprising that they had to file for BK protection, there are a lot of people associated with fashion that are doing BK’s. Look at Annie Leibovitz, she filed too, just google fashion industry BK. On the other hand you have some big names that have great people handling and advising them on the financial side so they can do what they do best.

    I like the fact that Klinko and Indrani have worked together for so long, and she has helped keep the creativity fresh. I think that they do convey a story with their work.