Picture Black Friday

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Looking for something to do this Friday besides shop? How about participating in an open call to document Black Friday:

“Picture Black Friday is a photojournalism project that aims to revisit and analyze a combination of forces- a worsening economy, financial desperation, excitement, fear, and a distinctly American cultural tradition- that culminate the morning after Thanksgiving.”

Read more (here). I do think it’s important for professional photographers to experiment with different ways to tell stories and deliver content online. If certainly doesn’t seem like media companies are going to do anything about the future.

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  1. Rights, sounds like if you shoot it, it’s yours. Something like this is fun anyway. I do free work during the year. Hey Sounds like fun, heck everything I photograph is fun. I am doing a protrait shoot on Thanksgiving.

    What the heck in am going to do it for the fun of it and you never know maybe you get enough free publicity to help you out through the next year. That is if you make it ot the final cut.

  2. Heck yes, I’m doing it!
    (And trying to get all my buddies to do it with me!)
    Free and fun are always great conversation and job starters…