And here’s the dirty secret: it was easy

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“Muhammad Ali made a hero out of every single journalist,” Leifer said. “Whether you were a writer, a photographer, a television commentator, you got to cover Ali and your boss thought you were a genius. The genius was really Ali.” Jordan was an equally photogenic subject for Iooss. “It was like traveling with a Biblical character with Michael because everyone in the world, at his peak, wanted to be with Michael and meet him in shake his hand,” Iooss said. “And he had everything, you know, for a photographer. It was like photographing a male model. I always compared him to Elle MacPherson” whom Iooss has also photographed for the S.I. swimsuit issue.

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  1. I love it, I was going to attend a lecture by Walter Iooss this past weekend, yet plans had to change, for those who live near the LA area, attend the ecture series coming up, great photographers and more will be there so all can learn.

    I like learning from others,even though they may not be in the same genere, it helps me expand my vision. I see more in the lens today than I did 30 years ago. Yes access is important but if there is enough hard work, IMHO it can be had.

  2. A good shoot idea/concept along with a record of good work to support your talent level, and persistence, will usually grant you access.

    You can’t just sit around expecting somebody to open a door for you, sometimes you have to bang the motherf***** down!