Peter Yang and Rolling Stone Win Magazine Cover of the Year

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I’ve sat through too many meetings where badges, sashes, boxes, hairlines and an entire dump truck full of coverlines were added to perfectly good cover images or instead a meeting where perfectly good cover images were thrown out in favor of images that held coverlines better, to not point out the irony of a winner with no coverlines. Sure, Obama was a shoo-in as a winning cover subject but go check out the other category winners (here). Keep in mind that this is an organization of editors (ASME) who decided to let the public pick their favorite cover out of a group of nominees. Of course this proves nothing about selling on newsstands other than the public has better taste than most editors, many magazine owners and every single newsstand director in existence.

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  1. Doesnt make sense to me, it’s way to commercial to my taste- The Obama cover on The New York Times mag by Nadav Kander i much stronger.A truly fantastic portrait!

  2. As with most award winners, I hope it is copied by editors and designers in the future.
    Clean and beautiful cover, save the “what’s inside “for inside.

    Rob can speak to the merits of teasers etc. on magazine covers
    but I know that billboards, etc. have never been proven to increase rack sales in newspapers…even when folks use to read them.