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This movie looks funny as hell. “What attracts me to his work is how uncomfortable it makes me feel.”

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  1. I saw this and I thought it was incredibly entertaining and very funny. The absurdity of the art world is a bit of an easy target but the writers did an excellent job of clearly pointing out the hypocrisy of the gallery system. Adam goldberg is perfect as the tortured artist and Marley Shelton is amazing and beautiful!

  2. So killing himself is more artistic then “getting a job” to that guy?… hahah

    Ironic that these kinds of “artists” who want to tell/show a higher truth come off as the most narcissist & self-centered and almost stupid.

      • @Chuck Shakokis,
        Good point chuck, cos characters in movies are always fictional and never relate to people in the real world.

        • Chuck Shakokis

          correct, they’re fictional & in the case of this film, quite two dimensional characters representing a narrow range of dull cliches about contemporary art. Still, the blonde looks hot.

  3. I wonder if this film will be appreciated by folks who aren’t artists, art lovers, or critics. In other words, the audience for this film may be very narrow.

    As for me, I can’t wait to see it … via Netflix.

    • @Rob Greer, I think everyone knows at least a few people who thought they could make a “Jackson Pollock” themselves after seeing that movie. :-)

  4. My friend worked on this so I went to a preview showing in SF. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. You will never think of the art world the same again. You have to see this. It is just brutal exposing the New York art scene.