The Aftermath Project – War Is Only Half The Story

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The Aftermath Project was the winner of the humanitarian award at last year’s Lucie Awards (here). I was there that night live blogging the event for fun and Sara Terry’s speech was certainly one of the highlights for me. Not only because of the gravitas of the Aftermath Project but also how well she conveyed the importance of photography and projects like this.

“I was a writer but had a personal crisis and words failed me for the first time in my life so I picked up a camera to communicate…”

“… the stories we hold up define who we are as a society.”

The book from last year’s project is out now (here):

In addition to that they are now accepting applications for their fourth year of granting (2010); and will be giving out two grants, for $20,000 each. The application deadline is Nov 2nd (here).

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  1. Aftermath is a fantastic project. Sara rightly deserves the LUCIE award that she received last year for it. I do believe that Aftermath leading us to look at conflict in longer terms than just the immediate news cycle.
    KUDOS to Sara and Aftermath

    • @jimmy, Just to clarify: I was thrilled to have my own project, “Aftermath: Bosnia’s Long Road to Peace,” sponsored by Blue Earth Alliance. Their support was huge, and I remain a big fan of their work. But Blue Earth hasn’t had anything to do with the Aftermath Project, which is its own 501c3. Good shout out, though.

  2. There are so many stories within our world that need to be told. The aftermath of war is just one of a multitude. I think it is a great project. More projects need to be told.