Assistants, Upload Your Light Tests

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This website where assistants can share their light tests is so inside baseball, but that’s what makes it great (here).


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  1. This is awesome. I do a lot of photo assisting. I think we might have something to do with some of those crazy test shots now.

  2. mh.. i should dig out that 4×5 slide of me as a stand-in for a refrigerator on a pedestal.. brilliant shot, more than 10 years old now. those were the days. thanks for reminding me.

  3. Hmmm… Saw the first page, but they seem to be having some server issues. There can’t be that much traffic. I definitely have some goofy test shots of assistants.

  4. Oh this could be fun, seriously fun, hmmmmm, payback for a couple of assistants who messed up……..

  5. This is great, I have a drawer some place full of old polaroids of me from my assisting days. Is it cool to upload assistants? or should only they be uploading themselves? a moral canundrum. I have some film of me someplace taken with a swing lens camera that I’m in the shot 3 times as the camera swung around, it’s pretty pre-photoshop piece of film.