Photo Editors Organization

Moya Mcallister and I have formed an organization for Editorial Photo Editors with the hopes of strengthening the community and providing a place where photo editors can share resources and ask questions. We already have 140 members.

If you’re interested in joining send an email to myself or Moya (moyamcallister (at) mac (dot) com) with information on where you work as a photo editor and we will let you know all about it.

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  1. Lois Schilling

    I would really like to find out more about the Photo Editor organization. Please send me the information.

    Lois Schilling

    Lois.w.schilling (at)

  2. Kathleen Clark

    I’d love to join, having been an editorial photo editor in Los Angeles for the last 15 years (Los Angeles magazine, LA Weekly.) I must say though, that the position is in for a re-defining as photo departments are taking a hit, at least out west. Just this year, the handful of PE positions in LA have dwindled dramatically. Photo departments are gone at both my former publications as well as the Los Angeles Times (former) Sunday magazine and as of last week, at C magazine as well. It was a wonderful, creative, demanding job and I loved the work but it’s time to thoroughly think of new applications for our diverse set of skills. I’m on board for that.

    • @Kathleen Clark, will second that, Kathleen. Have seen Creative Departments dwindle significantly in all sectors of the Photography industry. We need to rethink how we utilize our skills and experience completely differently.

  3. Audrey landreth

    I would like to join The Photo Editors Organization as well. Please send me the info.


    Audrey Landreth

  4. Me too, please. I am the associate photo editor, former photo editor, at Time Out Chicago magazine. I also was the photo director of Venus Zine back in the day (well, 5 years ago).


  5. I am the Photo Editor at 5280 Magazine in Denver (and previously the PE at Hooked on the Outdoors, which I know is familiar to APE). Would love some more info on the organization. Thanks.

  6. If you are one of the following, then this group is not for you:

    A. A photographer

    B. A photographer’s rep

    C. Work at a stock agency

    D. Art buyer at ad agency

  7. Christina H. Weiss

    Am very interested in joining the group and networking with other photo editors. Entered into the field a little before the job market went down the tubes.