Garage Magazine Gallery Exhibit

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Dan Stoner of Garage Magazine (here) has an exhibit of photography from the magazine at the 111 Mina Gallery in San Francisco (here). Running July 3 – August 1. Stop by and buy Stoner a drink for me, will ya’.

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  1. Car Lover

    Stoner ought to be contacting Melodie McDaniel for editorial work, if she’s into it. What great style. And as for hot rods, check out her Miller Beer spot, under FilmWork>Commercials>MillerSnap. Love her light; love her organic funkiness.

  2. Car Lover – thanks for the tip! I’ve been a fan of Melodie’s work for quite some time and I think it’s a god idea to finally reach out to her.

    And Rob – thanks for making a note of our show – we had a strong turnout and now we just have to convince the gallery owner to allow a full-blown, 1200hp Hemi dragster to stay on it’s two-foot perch for the duration of the show…

    If anyone is interested in dropping in on the exhibit, drop me a line and we’ll run down to meet you in person!