Custom CD and DVD Cases

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Do you send your promo work out on a CD or DVD? These might interest you:

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  1. I bought several boxes early on, and yes, they are nice, but they require a large amount of time to get them really tweaked and proper. Plus, they’re also quite expensive, and you have to keep all the various parts together, in a box — if you lose one part, or run out of one part, then all the others are wasted.

    I found, in the end, that it works better to just buy the empty jewel boxes at Staples/Officemax/Whatever, and then just make up a layered Photoshop document for the front slip-in cover of the jewel box. Just have the type in place, and the photo in place, and with the new job — drop in the new photo, and change the type to the name of the new job, print it out, and bam you’re done. Easy, fast, and cheap, which is a rare combination these days.