The Growing Trend of Private Commissions

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“We fetishize homes now, in a way that we never used to,” said Todd Eberle, a photographer whose work appears in Vanity Fair and in prominent museums. He has been hired by many celebrities, including Martha Stewart and Bill Clinton, to document their homes and offices. His clients, he said, want him both to memorialize their homes as they really are, and at the same time to “take it to a different level, and somehow improve upon the reality.”

“…Often, the decision to hire a photographer, for fees that can run to $75,000, is made when someone buys an architecturally important house or oversees a painstaking renovation.”

From a story in the NY Times (here).

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  1. $75,000, where did I go wrong ? I never did an architectural shoot for more than 350GBP a day and that was for national and international companies. I would never charge an individual 350 (about $700 a day) let alone anywhere near that amount, but then if your a “name” photographer you can do it. The prints will likely go up in value, (keep them out of the light) therefore a sound investment and if you can afford it anyway and the photographer takes a nose dive, would doubt its going to hurt. Id expect them to be using a 10×8 for that and do a refurbishment. lol

  2. With all due respect, $700 a day for an architectural shoot in the U.S. is quite a few times less than standard market value.